About Geoff

Geoff Godfrey is a qualified Mechanical Engineer, having been trained and working for a good part of his career by the British Coal Industry.

He has always been interested in guitars and guitar music, and has played guitar for over 40 years.

The chance of a career change presented itself and Geoff enrolled on the guitar making course at the Newark & Sherwood College.

Geoff gained a distinction in the Newark School of Guitar Making Diploma, and the Asset Diploma in Classical Musical Instrument Technology.

During his 2 years whilst attending the course, Geoff explored the designs and vagaries of 5 different strutting systems, making 12 guitars in total. For an interesting challenge, during the last 2 months of the course, Geoff made a lute backed Hurdy Gurdy in the Pimpard Style.

This change of career has enabled Geoff to combine his practical skills and meticulous attention to detail, along with his creative and innovative flair to produce guitars – some in the more traditional vein, and others with a more flamboyant twist.